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chibi commission sample by Yoai

If you want to see more of my artwork, please consider checking out/following my instagram and/or tumblr :3

I post sketches/drawings daily to Instagram and WIPS (and random photos ;v; ) I am new to instagram atm, so please excuse me if I do something wrong XD




Here are some commonly asked questions~
If your question isnt answered here, you can use the "ask" button on Yoai's tumblr:

Q: What program do you use and what do you use to draw?
A: Paint Tool SAI and a Wacom Bamboo Create tablet.

Q: Am I allowed to heavily reference, trace, or re-upload your art?

Q: Are commissions open?

Q: Can we do an art trade/collab?
A: only open for close friends

Q: Do you do requests/can you draw my character/can I have free art?
A: ............................................................................ =__=

Q: Will you enter my contest?
A: Yoai rarely has time for contests, but wouldn't hurt to ask.

Q: Do you do traditional art?
A: Ye c:

Q: Can I make an edit/wallpaper/render/base of your artwork?
A: No go away ; ^ ;

Q: Can I use your art/OCs/icons?
A: nuh. = n =

Q: Any advice?
A: Depends on what you need advice on, as there is no "general" advice. Best to ask on Yoai's tumblr so she can help you with specific areas (though she is not super pro, she will try her best)


Hi there ^^
Fri Sep 18, 2015, 9:43 AM
yahoooo ♥
Mon Aug 31, 2015, 12:42 PM
hi c:
Sun May 24, 2015, 5:03 PM
Tue May 19, 2015, 12:00 AM
Sun May 3, 2015, 4:25 AM


Oct 7, 2015
1:13 pm
Oct 7, 2015
11:06 am
Oct 7, 2015
10:18 am
Oct 7, 2015
4:58 am
Oct 7, 2015
2:54 am


simple chibi
1500 points
hai guys~ if you read my last journal the loan didn't work out so I'm trying to earn some money to survive Q_Q Yoai needs to eat too :iconlazycryplz:
I will keep these open for a little while, maybe ~2 weeks depending on my schedule ;__; I'll have 10 slots for now, I may add more later if needed
psst I made an instagram~ please check it out if you'd like ;v; ♥


Simple chibi commissions

$15 USD // 1500 :points: ea

chibi commission sample by YoaiChibi Commission 1 by Yoai


  • Please note me if interested, include reference*, pose/expression preference, etc. MAX 2 characters per order.
  • full payment is required upfront**
  • Simple character designs only - if design too detailed it will be simplified. 
  • Props/extra objects will be $1 USD / 100 :points: - $7 USD / 700:points: depending on what 
  • If using paypal, if you can pay the fee that would be greatly appreciated. Points must be paid through a commissions widget.
  • Extremely dynamic poses will be $5 USD / 500:points: extra 
  • Backgrounds will be transparent 
  • I have the right to refuse a commission if I am not comfortable with the subject matter
  • rules and prices are subject to change 
  • may take from 1 day to 2-3 weeks to complete, depending on my schedule

* You must provide a complete character reference. Maximum 2 references as I will not create a new character/custom character or outfit for you.
** I will not progress beyond 10% (sketch) of your commission until full payment is received
If you are unable to pay immediately, you will still be put on the slots list for a maximum of 7 days, after which you will be removed from the slots list without warning and the slot will be re-opened. It is your responsibility to note me when you are able to pay for your commission or if you would like to cancel the slot reservation. 

By commissioning me, you agree that you have read and will abide by the above information and my art usage policy and you understand that misuse of your commission will result in the appropriate action being taken.


:bulletgreen: 6 available :bulletgreen:

Paid/working on:

Unconfirmed/on hold:

Thank you for reading :iconrazycryplz:

sorry if i left out anything just ask me if anything is unclear ;v; <3

I'm busy most of the time during the day so I apologize if I'm unable to update this promptly/frequently


HI * O *

yay by Yoai

Yoai (Pronounced Yoh-Aye) is not supposed to be "Yaoi". She is well aware that the words look similar and that it is often confusing.
Icon art by Yoai

Hi hi
hi * O *
Yoai's RL name is Anny...but you may call her by either one

Yoai likes to draw shiny cute stuff and anime styled stuffs and is currently practicing drawing backgrounds and hands =^= She prefers digital media but isn't too bad at traditional either =u=

Yoai likes...drawing, going to sleep, and playing games. She dislikes pretty much everything else A detailed bio is out of the question.

Yoai is usually nice but can be quick tempered. If she seems rude or unreasonable it's probably because she is in a bad mood, but that does not occur very often so don't be afraid to talk to her

Yoai gets busy with school and RL stuff so pls dont take it personally if she doesnt reply to you >~<

Yoai plays Mabinogi on the Mari server and her IGN is Cicishu
Online mostly, add her if you wanna be friends on mabi!

Please read Yoai's art usage policy if you want to use her art in order to avoid any issues that may occur
Yoai will not link to any site she does not at least semi- actively use

If you see Yoai's work being reposted/used anywhere,please let her know via note

KIRIBAN @ 150k PAGEVIEWS (chibi or half-body probably)



pls don't ask =^=

Thank you all for watches, faves, comments/feedback,group requests and much more <3

Please do not use any of Yoai's personal icons
Dividers and other small images on this section will link to their original page.

I made an Instagram ;v; Looking for followers/people to follow <3 Do you use instagram? 

16 deviants said nu I don't have instagram >:U
14 deviants said yes I use it~
6 deviants said Please follow me if you'd like, I'll try to follow back too~
4 deviants said I only use it occasionally . w .



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