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Here are some commonly asked questions~
If your question isnt answered here, you can use the "ask" button on Yoai's tumblr:

Q: What program do you use and what do you use to draw?
A: Paint Tool SAI and a Wacom Bamboo Create tablet.

Q: Am I allowed to heavily reference, trace, or re-upload your art?

Q: Are commissions open?

Q: Can we do an art trade/collab?
A: only open for close friends

Q: Do you do requests/can you draw my character/can I have free art?
A: ............................................................................ =__=

Q: Will you enter my contest?
A: Yoai rarely has time for contests, but wouldn't hurt to ask.

Q: Do you do traditional art?
A: Ye c:

Q: Can I make an edit/wallpaper/render/base of your artwork?
A: No go away ; ^ ;

Q: Can I use your art/OCs/icons?
A: nuh. = n =

Q: Any advice?
A: Depends on what you need advice on, as there is no "general" advice. Best to ask on Yoai's tumblr so she can help you with specific areas (though she is not super pro, she will try her best)


what about... the number 9. no symmetry 8D
Thu Feb 26, 2015, 7:18 PM
Symmetrical number 8
Wed Feb 25, 2015, 9:13 PM
Explosive POOP!!!
Tue Feb 24, 2015, 8:22 PM
Tue Feb 24, 2015, 7:03 PM
Hello :)
Tue Feb 17, 2015, 3:10 PM
Hello everyone, thank you for your interest in commissioning me.

This is the OFFICIAL commissions journal for 2015 (excluding journals for discount commission specials) 
Previous commission journals are void as of this one's posting

Note: Commissioning me is not an extremely complicated process but I do apologize if the way I word things make it seem way too serious. As someone who has dealt with art theft on numerous occasions, I want to be make sure that I take all steps necessary to protect my artwork. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

By commissioning me, you agree that you have read and will abide by my art usage policy and you understand that misuse of your commission will result in appropriate action being taken. 

Current commission status: :bulletgreen: OPEN :bulletgreen:

3/1/15 Note: My classes start again on march 9th, 2015. Commissions may close at that time but will be opened soon after when the semester ends.

Table of contents

1. Rights of use/copyright
2. Pricing/examples
3. How to request a commission 
4. Other 

Artwork commissioned from me is granted rights for unlimited PERSONAL use. In no way may the artwork be re-sold, incorporated into or used as merchandise, or used in any way for financial gain. 

I will retain all copyright of the artwork itself (not of the character/subject). This means that no matter what, the person who commissioned me CANNOT claim that THEY MADE THE ARTWORK itself, though they do own the character/subject being depicted. I will never claim to own the characters that I draw through commissions, however due to the fact that I made the drawing itself, I own copyright to the artwork with credit to the commissioner for the character being depicted.

Artwork may not be re-uploaded to any site without my permission (exceptions are websites meant for storing and backing up files from your computer where only you have access to the content). 

Credit must be given to me if you decide to use the artwork, a simple mention or link to my page is fine.

If something is unclear or you have any questions, please let me know.


I accept USD by Paypal, or deviantart points :points:. I do not accept any other currencies. Payments in points MUST be made through a commissions widget on my page (it will only show up when needed), otherwise it will not be accepted.

Pricing is based on the amount of time it may take to finish a commission. I feel that is its not unreasonable to ask for a bit more for characters with a complex design and/or color palette. 

Please note these examples of a simple VS a more detailed design. If there is a range in the price for detailed characters, it means that the price will vary depending on the degree of complexity.


Simple artwork with soft, sketchy lines and soft colouring.

1. Mini 
$5.00 / 500 :points:
Detailed design: $7.00 / 700 :points:
Mini Jin by YoaiMini Chibi Commissions by Yoai
2. Sketch style 1 
$12.00 / 1200 :points:
Detailed design: $15.00 / 1500 :points:
Miku by Yoai
3. Sketch style 2 
$20.00 / 2000 :points:
Detailed design: $25.00 / 2500 :points: 
Bunny by Yoai


Cleaner lines, sharper detail, and more dynamic poses available.

1. Flat color/lineart 
$15.00 / 1500 :points: 
Detailed design: $18.00 / 1800 :points:
[GIVEAWAY RAFFLE] Valentines adopt - READ DESC. by Yoai
2. Detailed Style 1 
$25.00 / 2500 :points:
Detailed design: $30.00 / 3000 :points:
note: you can also choose to have the eye style in Detailed Style 2 and vice versa
Chibi for Leithya by Yoai
3.Detailed Style 2 
$35.00 / 3500 :points:
Detailed design: $40.00-$45.00 / 4000-4500 :points:
Meru Meru by Yoai


1. Simple style 

Waist-up : $15.00 / 1500 :points:
Detailed design: $20.00 / 2000 :points:
Thigh up: $25.00 / 2500 :points:
Detailed design: $30.00 / 3000 :points:
Fullbody: $35.00 / 3500 :points:
Detailed design: $40.00 / 4000 :points:
Jin by YoaiBe my Valentine? by Yoai

2. Detailed colouring

Waist-up : $20.00 / 2000 :points:
Detailed design: $25.00 / 2500 :points:
Thigh up: $35.00 / 3500 :points:
Detailed design: $40.00-$45.00 / 4000-4500 :points:
Fullbody: $50.00 / 5000 :points:
Detailed design: $55.00-$60.00 / 5500-6000 :points:
Meru by YoaiSky by YoaiNature Hike by Yoai

Your options for a background depends on the style you've chosen: 
All sketch chibis come with a transparent or white BG
Chibis styles you have the option of transparent, white, or simple BG 
Simple and detailed anime style you have the option of simple or detailed BG 
Simple BG example 
Simple BG example
Detailed BG exmaple
Detailed BG example

Transparent, white, or simple BGs are free of charge. 
Depending on what you want the detailed BG to be, the cost will vary. This is something we will discuss when placing your commission request. Note that I cannot do extremely detailed landscapes or interior spaces with too much clutter/objects.

Foregrounds and other objects will cost a small amount depending on the complexity and how much space it will take up. If it's extremely minimal, it will be free of charge. 

I will only be opening 10 slots at a time for commissions. Please remember that one character = 1 slot, so if you want two characters commissioned, it will take up 2 slots.

Please NOTE me in order to place a commission. This is so that I will be able to keep track of my commissions and in order to keep some information (such as my paypal email) private.

I ask that you please fill this out in order for me to have a good understanding.


*You can leave this blank, but then that means that it will be up to me what these things will be on the final.

Please note that I will NOT work from description references, black and white sketches, extremely small references, or anything very vague. References provided must depict the character in whole as you want drawn, or most of it. This means that I will not accept commissions that ask me to put together a Frankenstein creation character from different parts such as "Please make the eyes like this <link>, hair like this<different link>, nose like this <another link>, inner shirt like this <another linkkk>, outer shirt like this< link link link>....". A few references for a few different parts is fine, but please do not go overboard with it as I will NOT be creating a whole new character design for you.

We will be discussing everything about your commission in order for me to give you exactly what you want, therefore it is VERY important to respond to me notes as soon as you can so I can get things done. For more detailed commissions, I will send over WIPs upon request. |
Things like chibis will be hard to give WIPs on since I tend to do them all in one sitting and it will take too much time to get back to you, but if you absolutely must have a WIP, the completion of your commission may be delayed as I am working by schedule. 

Completion time can vary from same day to up to 4 weeks depending on my schedule. If you can set a reasonable due date for the commission, feel free to do so. 

I require the payment upfront, and I will need it within 24 hours of the commission being placed. Unfortunately, due to the amount of people who never get back to me, I will NOT be holding slots and if I do not hear back from someone after the 24 hours, the slot will be re-opened or given to another person if applicable. If you need a little more than that to get the payment, it is fine as long as it is reasonable (no more than 2-3 days) and that you let me know beforehand as long as you note me back within 24 hours.

If you are using paypal, please do NOT select "goods and services" when sending me the money. Because I have made a new paypal account, any money sent that way will be held by paypal for 21 days before I actually receive the payment. If you absolutely must send it that way, please note that I will still finish your commission at a regular time, but you will not receive it commission until the payment is cleared (21 days). This restriction should be lifted after I receive a certain amount of money via Paypal so I'll update this when it's fine to select the first option.

If you are using points, I will open up a commission widget on my profile. I will not accept points sent to me directly.

The information may change from time to time, the prices may change from time to time without warning, this is not a final document and is subject to change. If you want a style that isnt listed above, please note me and I'll see if I can do a commission
Again, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me. 

Thank you all for your interest and have a good day!


1. Amuigon :bulletgreen: Detailed anime thigh up, detailed BG
2. Amuigon :bulletgreen: Sketch chibi 2, simple BG 
3. iFabulicious :bulletred: Detailed anime waist up, simple/trans BG
4. LadyEilkahn :bulletred: Mini chibi, white/simple BG
5. LadyEilkahn :bulletred: Detailed anime waist-up, simple BG

:bulletgreen: = paid
:bulletred: = not paid

(~‾▿‾)~   COMPLETED FOR:    ~(‾▿‾~)
k-kouhai --- Mini Chibi
thriceNEKO --- Mini Chibis



HI * O *

Yoai (Pronounced Yoh-Aye) is not supposed to be "Yaoi". She is well aware that the words look similar and that it is often confusing.
Icon by Yoai

Hi hi
hi * O *
Yoai's RL name is Anny...but you may call her by either one

Yoai likes to draw shiny cute stuff and anime styled stuffs and is currently practicing drawing backgrounds and hands =^= She prefers digital media but isn't too bad at traditional either =u=

Yoai likes...drawing, going to sleep, and playing games. She dislikes pretty much everything else A detailed bio is out of the question.

Yoai is usually nice but can be quick tempered. If she seems rude or unreasonable it's probably because she is in a bad mood, but that does not occur very often so don't be afraid to talk to her

Yoai gets busy with school and RL stuff so pls dont take it personally if she doesnt reply to you >~<

Yoai plays Mabinogi on the Mari server and her IGN is Cicishu
Online mostly, add her if you wanna be friends on mabi!

Please read Yoai's art usage policy if you want to use her art in order to avoid any issues that may occur
Yoai will not link to any site she does not at least semi- actively use

If you see Yoai's work being reposted/used anywhere,please let her know via note

KIRIBAN @ 100k PAGEVIEWS (chibi or half-body probably)



pls don't ask =^=

Thank you all for watches, faves, comments/feedback,group requests and much more <3

Please do not use any of Yoai's personal icons
Dividers and other small images on this section will link to their original page.



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